Open to new talent!

Our Writer and Director, Daniel Roebuck, has said that one of his favorite parts of making GETTING GRACE in the Lehigh Valley was discovering great new talent and putting it on the screen.


THE HAIL MARY will offer similar opportunities for local talent. Valley Casting director, Rod Gilkeson, will be looking for new (mostly young but a few older) faces and established actors to round out a cast featuring many of Hollywood's familiar faces.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to join our team! Send us your resume/headshot/reel, or just tell us about yourself and what skills/experience you have, as well as a recent picture of yourself.


Click the link to join our team! Send us your resume/headshot/reel, or just tell us about yourself and what skills/experience you have, as well as a recent picture of yourself.

Sister Margaret Anthony

50-70 (Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese or Japanese American)

A diminutive, intuitive Religious Sister. She is the “Radar O’Reilly” of the school. It’s her job to keep everything running like clockwork. (SUPPORTING)

Sister Bonita

50-70 (African-American or Latina)

Happy and cheerful member of the religious order. She teaches art. (SUPPORTING)

Over 18 to play 18.


Cool and hip student. Sebastian is the “Big Man on Campus”. He becomes the team’s running back. Must be athletic. (SUPPORTING)


Over 18 to play 18.

SPECIAL NEEDS student at Immaculate Heart.

Sister Rebecca


An overtly beautiful member of the religious community. Jake mistakenly flirts with her as he is not aware that she is a nun. (SUPPORTING)


25- 30 (Caucasian)

CHARLEY is a female. She is a waitress at the local diner frequented by Jake. Funny and sarcastic she and Jake have an ongoing feud. (SUPPORTING)


20- 40

Barmaid in the local watering hole. Affable but with a past. (SUPPORTING)



Waitress at the local diner. A Happy person (ONE DAY ROLE)



Waitress at the Local diner. Great sense of humor (ONE DAY ROLE)


Over 18 to play 18.

Tyler is a student at Mary Immaculate. Maybe the class clown. Must be athletic. (SUPPORTING)


Over 18 to play 18.

Running back seen in FLASHBACK. On the smaller side for a High School football player. Must Be athletic.


Over 18 to PLAY 18

Arrogant student at the all boys school. Damian becomes the team quarterback. He’s often at odds with the sisters and his new coach but has a change of heart. Should play guitar. Must be athletic. (LEAD)